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  • Exchanges195
  • BTC
  • Circulating Supply¥668,45亿
  • 24H High¥366,610
  • 24H Low¥353,477
  • Change(24h) -2.1%
  • ETH
  • Circulating Supply¥332,51亿
  • 24H High¥29,627
  • 24H Low¥27,966
  • Change(24h) -3.5%
  • XRP
  • Circulating Supply¥284,6亿
  • 24H High¥6.29
  • 24H Low¥5.99
  • Change(24h) -3.5%
  • EOS
  • Circulating Supply¥245亿
  • 24H High¥26.37
  • 24H Low¥25.01
  • Change(24h) -1.2%

Coinbucks Guides

Blockchain Explorer Wallet Mining Machine & Pool Blockchain Game Community & Forum OTC

Blockchain Explorer

  • BTC.com

    BTC block explorer

    Multi-functional & practical BTC block explorer
  • BitBank

    Explore BTC、LTC、ETH、ETC block simultaneously
  • yitaifang.com

    ETH blockchain explorer
  • cryptoID

    Explore multiple blockchains simultaneously
  • Etherscan

    Professional ETH explorer
  • Neo Tracker

    Neo blockchain explorer
  • Etherchain

    ETH explorer
  • QTUM Blocks

    QTUM blockchain explorer
  • qukuai.com

    qukuai.com aims to create a professional blockchain explorer platform,which supports the trading and address inquiry on BTC、BCC、ETH、LTC and ETC.
  • NEM Explorer

Wallets Official Wallet Hot Wallet Harware Wallet

  • Cloud Wallet

    Cloudwallet is a mobile light wallet based on blockchain which can provide digital currency management, storage and transfer. In addition to solving the current digital currency management, it will also solve the current digital currency's networkless storage with the networkless technology, networkless transfer, hot and cold wallet with one-click conversion, safe and fast mobile blockchain "new wallet".
  • NEO

    NEO Official Wallet
  • Bitcoin

    Bitcoin Official Wallet
  • QTUM

    QTUM Official Wallet
  • Ethereum

    ETH Official Wallet
  • Litecoin

    LTC Official Wallet
  • Ripple

    XRP Official Wallet
  • Bitshares

    BTS Official Wallet
  • NGC

    NAGA COIN Official Wallet
  • GXChain

    gxs Official Wallet
  • imToken

    Supports more than 10 digital currencies based on Ethereum's multi-currency wallet.
  • SafeWallet

    Digital asset safe wallet established by Cheetah Mobile
  • AToken

    Supports BTC、LTC、ETH、EOS、USDT and other digital currencies more than 60 types
  • Blockchain

    Supports Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • Bitcoin.com


    Bitcoin wallet and payment
  • Kcash

    Digital currency wallet which can swipe card包
  • PO.IM

    PO.IM Overseas Version,BTC/ETH Wallet
  • Epay

    Global Payment
  • Token Guardian

    Token Guardian is a blockchain hardware wallet which is developed based on financial security chip, and supports BIP32,BIP39,BIP44 standard.Prevent trading information from being tampered by malware, prevent fishing websites from defrauding, and ensure the security of digital assets.
  • Coldlar

    Supports more than 105 digital currencies

Mining Machine & Pool Mining Pool Mining Machine Computing power

  • Ants mining pool

    One of the most sufficient digital currency mining pools
  • BTC mining pool

    TOP3 Computing power mining pool

  • F2Pool

    BTC mining pool,LTC mining pool, ETH mining pool

    LTC mining pool

    World's first Bitcoin mining pool

  • Spark Pool

    ZEC、ETH pool
  • Panda Mining Machine

    The world's first graphics card integration mining machine
  • Fengwo Mining Machine

    Focus on the digital currency mining industry
  • bw.com

  • Hashnest

    Cloud mining platform

Blockchain Game Ethereum Blockchain Gamer Public Blockchain Private Blockchain

  • Link Kitty

    Link Kitty is a virtual pet based on the Taiqi cat blockchain technology.
  • My Hero

    Card battle game based on blockchain
  • Crypto Cities

    Buy and rent cites, explore new cities
  • Ifish

    Allow users store the game asset “fish”on the Ethereum blockchain through the smart contract
  • Crypto Countries

    CryptoCountries buy and take control the world map using countries as smart contracts with blockchain technology
  • Etherestates

    Buying and selling millions of land around the world, Roppongi and Wall Street is in the column
  • Etherbots

    A bot-themed blockchain game
  • Cryptosaga

    A blockchain casual adventure mobile game
  • Cryptofighters

    Blockchain simulation business mobile game
  • Etherwarship

    Open blockchain game big sailing era
  • eth.town

    Simulation game based on Ethereum blockchain
  • monkey.plus

    Online collection and development game based on Thunder game coin wallet
  • firefox

    A simple and fun way to develop RPG mobile games
  • wkp.kim

    A game application based on the Thunderchain Ecology
  • lkx.meihu99.com

    A blockchain mobile game that trades in virtual currency
  • chicken.red

    A mobile game built with the latest blockchain technology
  • l.cwlinfo.com

    A new digital digital virtual pet in a mobile phone blockchain
  • wankesf.com

    A simple game of water scorpion collection game
  • linkdandan.com

    Use chain gram as a prop to trade interactive puzzle block to form a game
  • Blockcity

    Blockchain virtual city launched by GXChain
  • galaxy.one

    Blockchain game for an encrypted planet
  • Parsecfrontiers

    A massively multiplayer online game with a virtual economy blockchain
  • beyond-the-void

    Competitive game based on the Ethereum c
  • Augmentors Game

    Pokemon-like turn-based game based on blockchain technology
  • bgoo.cc

    New application based on blockchain technology
  • Cloud pet

    Blockchain pet game platform
  • Spells of genesis

    Blockchain-based flagship mobile game
  • Nova blitz

    A well-functioning cross-platform card game
  • pet-chain.baidu

    Baidu's encrypted pet based on blockchain technology
  • Hash world

    The world's first mobile blockchain virtual world game
  • dock.1862.cn

    Haoxin Internet's virtual pet based on blockchain technology
  • AR real planting game based on BFC blockchain system

    ETH Ethereum Blockchain Query Browser
  • 12shengxiao

    A new blockchain game created by the Chinese classic zodiac

Community & Forum

  • 8BTC

  • B Block

    Blockchain technology community
  • B20 Blockchain Alliance

    Distributed community organization under blockchain
  • BeeChat

    Cell phone communication application based on blockchain
  • Coingogo

    Blockchain Forum Community


  • LocalBitcoins

    The world's largest bitcoin OTC platform

    SupportS leader currencies, assets do not need to be relocated frequently
  • Bitcoinworld

    Bitcoin World Fast Peer-to-Peer Trading Bitcoin
  • Huobi C2C

    Multi-currency OTC Trading – Huobi Professional Trading Station
  • Okex C2C

    OK provides BTC and BTH OTC trading
  • Gate C2C

    Gate.io is a blockchain digital asset trading platform that supports bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Qtum and other currency trading, which are characterized by fast and safe.
  • Coin Cola

    Safe and reliable Hong Kong OTC trading platform
  • ZB C2C

    ZB C2C Trading
  • Linkcoin

    The most trustworthy, freely exchangeable digital asset custody platform
  • coinw C2C

    www.coinw.com is a global digital asset trading platform opened by Chinese state-owned enterprises in Hong Kong. It mainly provides trading services for digital assets such as Ethereum and HSR for global users.
  • Quadrigacx

    The largest bitcoin trading platform in Canada
  • itBit

    America platform,supports OTC