• Projects1097
  • Exchanges98
  • BTC
  • Circulating Supply¥119,90亿
  • 24H High¥65,423
  • 24H Low¥62,310
  • Change(24h) +3.2%
  • ETH
  • Circulating Supply¥163,8亿
  • 24H High¥1,480
  • 24H Low¥1,414
  • Change(24h) + 2.2%
  • XRP
  • Circulating Supply¥624亿
  • 24H High¥1.43
  • 24H Low¥1.38
  • Change(24h) + 1.6%
  • EOS
  • Circulating Supply¥171亿
  • 24H High¥18.36
  • 24H Low¥17.63
  • Change(24h) + 1.8%


Function is developing, please stay tuned.

Basic Parameters

  • Languages Supported:
  • Trade Method:
  • Mine Pool:None
  • Wallet:
  • APP Download:https://www.bkex.com/#/help/apps
  • Advantages:
  • Disadvantages:

Exchange Introduction

BKEX is the world's first community consensus-based trading platform, which perfectly combines the advantages of high performance of centralized exchanges and high reliability of decentralized public chains, and provides various digital coin trading services such as BTC, ETH, EOS, NEO and so on. Relying on the Bkex public chain, we can realize the secure storage of digital assets, project crowdfunding and asset issuance. At present, there are already nearly a 100 kinds of high-quality currencies in the coin Bkex trading. Coin transactions, C2C transactions, mortgage lending, deposits and interest-bearing, and current deposits have been opened; options, leverage, contracts and other functions will also be launched.

Fee Description


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