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Exchange Introduction

Bit.cc (www.bit.cc), registered in the United Kingdom, is an overseas version of Bit Times. It is a platform operated by Bit World Investments Limited. It provides blockchain technology services and digital asset trading. The core team is composed of several financial wind control experts, blockchain technology experts and matchmaking technology experts. 

Bit.cc provides users with secure, stable and reliable digital capital trading clothes by using advanced technologies such as distributed server cluster, high-speed multi-computer exchange engine, multi-signature cold wallet and private key offline investment package.

Bit.cc promises 100% reserve and does not divert any deposit funds from users; bit.cc promises to strictly protect the transaction privacy of users, and does not disclose any user's privacy information, while anonymous digital assets fair effectively protects your personal privacy and security.

We firmly believe in the core idea of blockchain, and believe that distributed accounting and smart contract technology will reconstruct the trust foundation of human beings, eliminate trust barriers and enhance collaboration efficiency in the future, which will have a significant impact on human economy and society. We devote ourselves to the tide of technological revolution of blockchain, hoping to bring you a different experience.

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