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  • BTC
  • Circulating Supply¥116,44亿
  • 24H High¥64,055
  • 24H Low¥62,004
  • Change(24h) +1.2%
  • ETH
  • Circulating Supply¥161,6亿
  • 24H High¥1,468
  • 24H Low¥1,435
  • Change(24h) + 1%
  • XRP
  • Circulating Supply¥616亿
  • 24H High¥1.41
  • 24H Low¥1.37
  • Change(24h) + 0.2%
  • EOS
  • Circulating Supply¥169亿
  • 24H High¥18.09
  • 24H Low¥17.79
  • Change(24h) + 0.9%

CBS Pool Statistics Total Supply:100Hundred Million(CBS)

Output 1,095,938

LOGO Exchange Introduction Trade Type Rating Country Contact
XTRA XTRA (www.xtraex.com) is a global integrated trading platform for innovative digital asset Singapore
币克拉 BiClub is a professional one-stop digital asset trading platform, providing every variety Seychelles
香港富比特 The Hong Kong FUBT Exchange, is committed to creating the world's leading blockchain asset Hong Kong
币次元 CoinX.pro(www.coinx.pro)is a high-tech blockchain asset trading platform. It strives to Seychelles
YIBIT The first decentrialised AI digital asset trading platform based on cross chain technology Seychelles
ZZEX交易所 ZZEX is committed to becoming the leader and innovator of the block chain digital asset tr Ukraine
币海网 Www.bihaibi.com is a professional digital asset trading platform that provides professiona Netherlands
BG数字资产交易平台 BG Digital Asset Trading Platform was founded in Feb. 2018 with headquarter in Hongkong an Hong Kong
币虎 【Machine translation of the following content】BHMM(Coin Tiger Network) is a secure and r Israel
zg.top 【The following is a machine translation】Zg.top crowdstock globalProfessional block chain Mongolia
Bit-Z Bit-Z, founded in 2016, provides professional digital asset trading and OTC(over-the-count United States
dragonex DragonEx is a Singapore virtual currency trading platform that officially went online on N Singapore
vvbtc 【Machine translation of the following content】VVBTC is a boutique digital asset trading China
纵域 CSS belongs to Territory Of The British Virgin Islands, a professional Block Chain asset e China
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