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CBS Pool Statistics Total Supply:100Hundred Million(CBS)

Output 1,095,938

LOGO Exchange Introduction Trade Type Rating Country Contact
IDAX       IDAX (International Digital Asset Exchange) company is originated from GBC (Global Blockchain Research Center), an international blockchain research center and it’s a global digital assets service platform that is designed for blockchain exchange research.IDAX operates from GBC high-tech industrial complex in Ulaanbaatar. Our industrial complex has 33.000 M2 work space . The platform is designed to be trustworthy and user friendly crypto currency exchange which is supported with many functions such as multi-crypto currency, multi-language options, and multi level of security architect that ensures a safe transaction of digital asset exchange. We also strive to develop source integration, cross-border strategic partnership, and develop the the financial techs, and by doing so we’ll be able to boost the IDAX platform’s innovation and the developmental processes.
We are in operation, in order to establish the highest quality digital asset exchange platform of the blockchain globalization according to the “Secure, prompt, stable, sophisticated/precise” activity guidance.
RightBTC RightBTC is the world's leadinginternational digital asset management platform. Through th China
币客 BKEX is the world's first community consensus-based trading platform, which perfectly comb China
Bit.cc Bit.cc (www.bit.cc), registered in the United Kingdom, is an overseas version of Bit Times China
BCEX BCEX is the world's leading digital asset trading platform dedicated to bringing the best China
Allcoin Allcoin is committed to providing the best trading solution for the world's leading blockc China
FCoin FCoin is committed to creating an autonomous, efficient and transparent digital asset trad China
币赢国际站 Coinw is a well-known digital asset trading platform in Hong Kong, China. It provides high China
Upbit Upbit is a digital coin exchange launched by Dunamu, a financial technology company, in co China
Bibox Bibox Top Quality Digital Asset Trading Platform, known for its financial derivatives serv China
58COIN 58COIN is a one-stop digital asset service platform, established in Marshall Islands in No China
HitBTC Founded in 2013, HITBTC is a bitcoin trading platform in the UK. HitBTC is one of the world's leading encrypted digital coin trading platforms and has been offering deals to individual users since 2013. The HITBTC trading platform is known for its advanced matching engine, multi-coin support and friendly customer service. In addition to transactions between digital coins, HitBTC also provides counterparts between legal tender and digital coins, namely the Us ddollar and euro markets.

HitBTC's innovation and technical feature is to create a stable and reliable API to meet the high-frequency trading needs of algorithmic traders. In addition, HITBTC provides support for FIX transactions through the HITBTC FIX trading and FIX market data terminals.
火币全球站 Firecoin Global Professional Station is an innovative digital asset trading platform for F China
ZB网 ZB.com is a blockchain asset-trading platform registered in the Independent State of Samoa China
OKEX OKEX (www.okex.com) is one of the most famous digital asset trading platforms in the world China
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