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Onboarding Guide for Coinbucks


You can download and complete "Coinbucks Projects Onborading Info Sheet" on official website.

1.Complimentary translation service in 8 languages.

2. Exclusive access to global blockchain conferences and resources.


Submit the application form to


Please send it through your corporate email

with the subject "Your Project Name - Application Submission"


We will review your application and reply by mail in THREE working days

(Please check the spam folder if you did not receive it)

By accepting onboarding on Coinbucks, all participants agree with the following terms:

(Upon agreement we will arrange onboarding in THREE work days)

1.Publish strategic partnership via all official media channels (website, communities and media)

2.Pin up a message in community regarding the partnership and mining by supporting the project

3.Put up the banner or link to Coinbucks.top on front-page of official website

4. Accept CBS as payment method from the token holders or other institutions of Coinbucks.