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Announcement on the Launch of the New Upgrade 2.0 Version of CoinBucks PC

Dear Users:

In order to better improve the user experience, the PC 2.0 version was officially launched on 29 November 2018 with the tireless efforts of the CoinBucks team.
The new version features intranet mining,  that user interactions including registration, real name, invite friends, likes, comments and sharing can be awarded CBS rewards. For more benefits, please follow the official website.
If you have any questions during the use process, please send an e-mail to XXX, or enter the official community groups (see below) and contact the customer service.
We welcome feedback on any inconvenience or areas for improvement, and we will continue to optimize the user experience.
Thank you for your support to CoinBucks!

CoinBucks Communities:
Coinbucks Oversea Group❶:https://t.me/coinbucks001
CoinBucks Official Group❷:https://t.me/coinbucks002
CoinBucks Official Group ❹:https://t.me/coinbucks004
CoinBucks Official Channel:https://t.me/coinbucks008
CoinBucks Twitter:https://twitter.com/Coin_Bucks
CoinBucks Operations Team
November 29, 2018