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Complete CoinBucks Questionnaire and Win 2500,000 CBS Prize

Dear CoinBucks users:
We have launched a prize-giving questionnaire with 500 CBS rewarded to the first 5,000 users who complete it. Ready for the adventure? Let’s show your knowledge about CoinBucks!

Event duration: 2019.1.14 – 2019.1.20(UTC+8)
Total rewards: 2500,000 CBS

Terms and conditions:
1.During the event, simply join CoinBucks Official Telegram Group ❷ to complete the questionnaire. Those users who score no lower than 60 pts are eligible to be rewarded with 500 CBS
2.There will be a total of 2500,000 CBS reward pool rewarded on an FCFS basis
3.There will be 8 questions and they are all CoinBucks related
4.Please fill in the user’s info correctly to ensure that the rewarded can be distributed. One CoinBucks ID is eligible for only one reward. Please do not participate in duplicate manner
5.The rewards will be distributed within 7 work days after the end of the event
6.CoinBucks.top reserves all the rights for final explanation of the event

How to participate:
Join CoinBucks official Telegram group at: https://t.me/coinbucks002
OR, you can join by the link: https://www.wjx.cn/jq/33711931.aspx

Coinbucks community:
Coinbucks Oversea Group ❶ : https://t.me/coinbucks001
Coinbucks official communication group ❷ : https://t.me/coinbucks002
Coinbucks official communication group ❹ : https://t.me/coinbucks004
Coinbucks official communication group ❻ : https://t.me/coinbucks006
Coinbucks official communication group ❾ : https://t.me/coinbucks009
Coinbucks official channels: https://t.me/coinbucks008

CoinBucks——Global Blockchain Resource Integration Platform