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Exclusive New User Benefits Invite your friends and receive 30% of referral bonus from their mining

一、Event duration:  December 12, 2018 - December 19, 2018 23:59:59 (UTC+8)
二、Event details:
(一)Exclusive New User Benefits
500 CBS will be rewarded to new users for registration and completion of KYC.
(二)Referral Bonus
1)Earn 500 CBS for inviting a friend who completes registration and KYC.
2)Earn referral bonus equal to 30% of all the mining rewards generated by the friends you invited.
(三) Mining Bonus by Ranking:
Top 50 users (mining ranking) will share a total of 2 million CBS bonus (See details below):
The First Prize: 180,000 CBS;
The Second Prize: 150,000 CBS;
The Third Prize: 90,000 CBS;
To No.4 ~ No.20 users by ranking: 40,000 CBS each user;
To No.21 ~ No.50 users by ranking: 30,000 CBS each user
三、Terms and Conditions:
1、Users earn CBS bonus by registration, inviting friends and other mining by participation;
2、By completing registration and KYC a user will immediately earn 500CBS bonus;
3、You will earn a referral bonus of 500CBS for the registration and KYC processes completed by users you invited.
The invitee shall fill in the inviter ID, otherwise the invitation is invalid;
The maximum number of people who are invited to be rewarded is 20, more than those who are not invited to be rewarded, only those who are invited to be rewarded for mining.
4、You will earn a referral bonus of 30% for the mining rewards generated by the users you invited.
5、Top 50 users (mining ranking) will share a total of 2 million CBS bonus (See details below).
6、Coinbucks.top will take firm actions against all misconducts including duplicate accounts or registrations done by robots. The bonus will not be rewarded to any misconduct users and any shared balance of duplicate accounts will be confiscated. Coinbucks.top reserves the right of final decision on the interpretation of the Terms and Conditions.

Coinbucks community  
Coinbucks Oversea Group ❶ : https://t.me/coinbucks001
Coinbucks official communication group ❷ : https://t.me/coinbucks002
Coinbucks official communication group ❹ : https://t.me/coinbucks004
Coinbucks official communication group ❻ : https://t.me/coinbucks006
Coinbucks official communication group ❾ : https://t.me/coinbucks009
Coinbucks official channels: https://t.me/coinbucks008