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Announcement of Close Beta Test Instructions before the Official Launching of the 2.0 Version

Dear user:
As the 2.0 version of the official website is about to be launched, it will be the Close Beta Test period from now on to November 29. Prior to this, all registered and mined CBS will be cleared.
All the users who participate in the real-name Authentication in our Close Beta Test activities will be rewarded with 200 CBS. The reward can be viewed in the personal account.
We will conduct a rigorous review of the account’s eligibility for the Award and take firm action against any abuse of incentive earning mechanism immediately, by disqualifying the account not  providing other related services.CoinBucks

Coinbucks Oversea Group❶:https://t.me/coinbucks001
CoinBucks Official Exchange Group❷:https://t.me/coinbucks002
CoinBucks Official Exchange Group❹:https://t.me/coinbucks004 
Coin Buck Official Channel:https://t.me/coinbucks008
CoinBucks Official Twitter:https://twitter.com/Coin_Bucks

CoinBucks Operation Team
November 23, 2018